Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kerastase - A Love Affair

Bestest Best shampoo EVER: Kerastase Chroma Reflection Bain Mirroir 1

Well, any Kerastase shampoo is great really. Once you're on it, you're hooked and its hard to go back.

This particular one is designed for colored hair, giving it some extra shine and maintaining the color. A bit on the pricey side (~ $32 a bottle), but if you only use about a dime of it every time you use it (no need for more...unless you're rockin' a fro), the bottle can easily last up to 2 months.

I won't go on like a commercial, but get a sample of it and try it. It definitely kicks Herbals Essences, Pantene (except their conditionner), Tresemme and Garnier's asses. Combined.

Some other Kerastase shampoos are designed to condition damaged hair (from say bleaching or constant heat exposure), night time treatments etc.

But the result is always the same: cuddly, soft , healthy, awesome hair :D


  1. can you just buy this at any local walmart or target. i think i might try it. :)

  2. Hey Viva,

    I'm not sure really, I haven't stepped into a Walmart in ages. This is definitely sold at hair salons, and some might even offer you a miniature/sample size bottle. You will adore it, I'm sure :D

  3. I Loooove this shampoo and conditioner from Kerastase too...it's just the best!I have been using Sebastian Penetraitt and that's great too. Great blog!Come check mine out sometime :)

  4. Well thank you so much Lip :D I really appreciate it. You have an awesome blog :D