Saturday, September 5, 2009

Montreal's New Forever 21 Store (X X I)

Holy shit, i've never seen so much oestrogen grouped up in one store O_O.

Forever 21 opened their first 2-floor store in downtown Montreal at Les Ailes de la Mode. It's a well known (and awesome) American chain that is similar to H&M, but a thousand times better. Better designs, affordable prices, wider and cuter variety of accessories and so on and so forth. All-around better style.

If you know Forever 21, you know that they have different collections and in the states, commonly separate those collections with different stores. This one combines all these collections. There are still some styles that will be exclusive to their website.

If you're looking to go spend some time there, do not, I repeat... DO NOT, go on a weekend. It's absolute havoc. Worse than Zara...if you've been to Zara, you know what I mean.The line up for the cash was circling the entireeeee store. ON BOTH FLOORS.

It's a mad house I tell ya...A MAD HOUSE.
Bitches need to ease it up in there, there's enough cheap fabric for everyone...NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY    /chainsaw...


  1. did forever 21 open inside a mall or its like a store outside?

  2. no it's at a mall, at Les Ailes de la Mode to be precise, if you live in Montreal. It's got 2 floors. They're rumored to have one opening up at the old gap location, corner St-Catherine's and De La Montagne.