Monday, October 26, 2009

Miley Cyrus' Lil Sister - Age Appropriate Clothing!

So, the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation's 16th Annual Dream Halloween has invited many celebs and child celebs to be part of the event.

One memorable appearance by Miley Cyrus' 9 year old sister, Noah Cyrus.

Really Billy Ray Cyrus? Whoring out the younger one too? For shame.
How much more rent and hair transplants do these kids have to pay for you?

I may be wrong though, nowadays I'm sure all 9 year olds love playing with stripper boots and dominatrix corsets. Times have changed indeed.

So Halloween Costume? Or an eerie view into her future?

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  1. omg yikes lol...
    that kinda does not suit a kid :S
    it does not matter if they are celeb kids, they still need to be dressed up appropriately hehe