Monday, November 9, 2009

Fat Hair - Not so Fattening

Hair Profile:
Thin hair, oily scalp

In attempts to get my hair halfway to Mane-ville (well close to...), I decided to try Fat Hair shampoo and conditioner.
Guilty from reading a review on it, I stumbled on it the next day, on sale for $8.99 at the drugstore.
Try you, you say? Meh, why not.

Results? No dice.

I'm pretty sure the girls who have tried and reviewed these products have had satisfying or even amazing results, but this is probably due to the fact that every hair styling product that they've used has settled over the years. With all that excess sticking around from years of styling products, I'm sure Fat Hair sits on all that deposit quite nicely.

The products are supposedly aimed towards people with "baby thin hairs". My hairs are by no means "baby thin...", but they are thin. It is extremely rare that I spray my hair with styling products. The one I use most often is CHI's 44 Iron Guard, which I use on my ENDS only. My roots remain relatively untouched by boosters and sprays, so for this product to not work is just disappointing.

Just another basic drugstore shampoo and conditioner, perhaps a step-up from Herbal Essences, but you might want to save that extra dollar.

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