Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Since my Ninja costume plan ended up failing at the last minute, watching a scary movie at least completed one Halloween-related activity on my weekend list ( that and mouth-raping candy bars... god it's been too long...)

So hearing quite the tales regarding this lil blockbuster hit, I had to see it for myself, of course accompanied by my brave and FEARLESS boyfriend... (Andy you chicken butt -_-)...<3

"Scary" movies don't really scare me, they just gross me out.

No really.

Flying body parts, blood, sneaky attacks, blood, carving corpses, zombies, Paris Hilton , more blood etc etc... those aren't scary, they just end up being overly graphic, disgusting and more importantly, repetitive.
The only exception that has forever terrorized me is The Exorcist. Still scares the living crap out of me.

I gotta say, Paranormal Activity does take the cake. Who knew that a simple $15 000 budget movie would end up scaring the shit out of people to grossing up $68 mill.

This movie effectively unfolds the two things that we all genuinely fear the most: What we do not know and cannot see.
Sure tons of Hollywood big shots have tried to use these themes from their own perspective, but haven't quite mastered it like Paranormal Activity. This movie shows how effortless a real scare can be without all the gore and special FX.

Although most believe that this is based on true events, it is not. This is an entirely fake movie, but it successfully scared and bothered me.

I really, really, really miss those twix and snickers bars though....

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