Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MAC Lip Goodies


Although I try to stay away from MAC cosmetics as best I can ($$$$ >.<), I decided to splurge on one of their Holiday sets. Their Lipgloss "Mischief" set to be exact and a couple of other items as well.

5 Sexy Shenanigans was the chosen one:

5 simple colors which can easily be used year round and on a daily basis.

From Top to Bottom:
Morning Glory
Cruise Control
 Poetic License

Lip swaps were prepared, but my terribad bathroom (or any other room) lighting made them all resemble one another.
Elle was the big surprise really. 
Although white in appearance, when angled correctly in the light, you will notice red/coral and blue reflections. It's not just a shine or glossy layer, this gloss seems to enhance your current lip color quite nicely, if worn alone and makes any lipstick shade pop. Quite a pleasant surprise, but unpleasant fact that it is a limited edition :(


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