Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year, New Diet? Skinny Bitch?

So I've been on a 7 month (and counting) diet and exercise regime. So far, so good, but I'm nowhere near where I want to be.

Although I would love to be a "Megan Fox" dress size by now, I still feel like Will Ferrel in a bikini.
I'm on the verge of hiring Octomom's liposuctionist.
Haha, just kidding...  maybe >.>

I started listening to Skinny Bitch's audio-books, which strangely enough I got into after I had suggested it to a friend (HI ABBAY!).
The book has some solid information on health and nutrition and rips the meat and dairy industries a new asshole.
The book does promote vegan-ism, but hey, don't judge until you've read it. Trust me.
It's not a meal plan, it's a lifestyle change. Whether you decide to convert or not, the authors just want to promote healthy habits, which you can adapt to your current lifestyle how ever you want.

It's the most brilliant and entertaining eye-opener to adopting a healthier and, subsequently, thinner lifestyle.
Gotta say, these bitches know what they're talking about.

Soy milk, anyone?


  1. thats crazy girl. Congrats though! 7months? that's really good to stick to it! you looks good to me so obviously it's working:)

    i am now following your blog.

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