Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anti-Aging Serums and Creams - The Ultimate Prevention?

Girls seem to think that using anti-aging serums early on (in their 20s specifically) is the key trick to avoiding wrinkles when they get older.

Not true.

There IS such a thing as prevention, but learn how to prevent properly or rather, slow the process.

Using anti-aging serums, whether on a daily basis or a weekly treatment, can eventually grant your skin immunity from the effects as you grow older. You believe you're preventing now, perhaps, but later on, whether in your 30s, 40s or 50s, you're still going to see wrinkles. It's inevitable.
So don't blast your face with a ton of anti-aging products now, you'll just be wondering why they're not working on your skin later on. 

Do things gradually. 

Rather than using anti-aging serums, just ask your dermatologist or even any certified cosmetician which moisturizer is appropriate for you, based on your skin type and age group.
By regularly exfoliating your face and using a basic (preferably natural) moisturizer, you're helping your skin retain its youth and suppleness. Be gentle with your skin now. Don't feed it chemicals it doesn't need. Worry about that later on, but if you take things lightly now, you won't even have to ;D


* After washing your face, rub on moisturizer. Let it set for about 3-5 minutes.

* If you plan to wear makeup, apply facial primer. It will act as a barrier between your makeup and your moisturizer.

* Use (unscented) baby wipes to remove all your makeup and wash your face thoroughly afterwards. Mist some rose water all over your face and let your skin soak up the moisture. It's refreshing and a wonderful way to give your skin some love :3

* Drink 7 bottles of water a day (500ml each). This will just help your entire body keep hydrated.

* Bi-weekly or monthly mashed avocado masks or cucumber slices are nice, natural treatments, but optional.

Personal Picks (my age and skin appropriate moisturizers):
Hope in a Jar by Philosophy
Dramatically different moisturinzing Lotion by Clinique
Aqua Sensation by Nivea

You will notice that these companies have even designed heavy-duty moisturizers for older skin, such as When Hope is Not Enough by Philosophy and Dramatically different moisturizing Gel (not Lotion) by Clinique.
So save yourself the extra money and keep it simple. Educate yourself on what is AGE appropriate for you. The type of girls that tend to over-use anti-aging serums early on tend to be the same ones that will seek out botox injections later on in life.

I don't think any of us here want to end up looking like Joan Rivers :\

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