Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amanzi vs Teavana - GREEN TEA BATTLE

Last week I gave myself a week off for spring break and went to New York with the boo. Shopping and eating. Best vacation combo ever. Not too sure how my wallet feels now :/ 
 And now I'm back to a week of non-stop work, both retail AND at home, with very unpleasant weather. Not so fun birthday week ahead ._.

My trips to New York basically mean another fun run at Amanzi's tea counter (went to Garden State Mall in new joizey though).
Best teas ever. Naturally infused loose leaves stored in air-tight tins at affordable prices and in a store where all the tea-lovin' accessories can be found.  The place also comes with a cute tea bar, where you can get pretty much anything made on-the-spot, from Ice teas to Bubble teas ^_^ (Ni hao, bitches). 
Naturally I had to stock up on some of my favorites, being as Montreal apparently isn't hip or asian enough to have tea bars... Not downtown anyways.

Once out of Amanzi, I ran into their competitor, Teavana.
Naturally,  I had to explore.

Contrary to Amanzi which has a very modern, bright and fun look, Teavana is more reserved and bases its business on the ancient art of tea making and drinking. Always fun to learn new things and see different perspectives.
Good tea, good times, but the whole Teavana rave did not leave much of an impression on me as Amanzi did.

First off, Teavana bases its sales by weight of their tea, not prepacked tins. You basically need to pay for $6 tins and THEN select the leafs you want, which will be priced according to the weight. Very expensive buying dry leaves and metal tins :/ 
Sooo I decided to stick with Amanzi because of its affordable prices, equal or higher quality tea and the no-hassle of the 'Weighin' n' Payin' business. I really don't see the point of it. It doesn't make it any more authentic, and quite frankly, doesn't make the experience any better.

So I'll stick with my delicious Morocan Mint green tea and wonder why i'm still awake and 5 hours away from doing aerobics....


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