Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jesse James - The New Tiger Woods

It seems that Tiger Woods' whore disease has hit and infected Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James,  and is slowly morphing him into an unfaithful man-whore (who for some reason, over-collects nazi memorabilia...........)

But yes, Hollywood seems we have another unfaithful jerk pushing his way into every (overly tatooed) stripper/whore/cyborg he can stick his penis into.

What is with this tendency of having multiple affairs? I mean so far, we thought he had it with one person, now his list is reaching up to 5 hoes. And it might go on...
And what is with this ridiculous tendency for Oscar-winning actresses to have scandals rise a week after their win? Is this from some sort of inferiority complex from their husbands not being able to handle their immense success or just a tiny penis thing?

Probably the penis thing. Either way, Scum!

If you're going to marry, you're signing your life and balls away to one person. Deal, or don't marry.

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