Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spot O' StripTea, Govnah?

Drinking tea not so fun anymore?

Introducing new StripTeas!
Some German designed small human figures that you can snap directly onto your tea bags to spice up the ol' British tea party roleplay.

Brit customer #1: I say ol' chap, what do you say on these new Strip Teas?
Brit customer #2: Jolly good, although...there seems to be a little of an awkward after-taste
Brit customer #1: What do you mean ol' boy?
Brit customer #2 Well these tea bags seem to taste like crotch.
Brit customer #1: Oh, that's just because I  dropped mine in earlier, bloody good prank is it not? HAW HAW HAW  /monocle
Brit customer #2: in hot tea?
Brit customer #1: Yes....
Brit customer #2: Jolly good

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