Sunday, August 30, 2009

E.L.F Products

Hay Hay Gurllllfrendzzzzzz

I hereby confess a guilty pleasure that I have developed recently: An addiction to purchasing and testing cosmetics.

Along my search for beauty advice over the int3rwebz and on YouTube (see Chris Crocker), I also discovered a website from a somewhat well-known line of products called E.L.F (Eyes Lips.Face) that I had to share.

What stumped me about this company was how inexpensive their products are, more specifically, their professional make-up brushes.
Good professional make-up brushes usually go between $20-$30 a brush, whereas this company sells professional brushes for $3 each. My inner-cheapo and whatever 'girly' side exists in me pressured me to purchase a couple of items.

Upon receiving my order, I couldn't believe how good the quality of their brushes are and at such a low cost.
Out of my entire purchase, my favorites would have to be the E.L.F warm bronzer ($3) and the kabuki brush (that one brush alone retails for over $20 and sells on this website for $5).
So if you're looking for some cosmetic steals, I'd definitely check out this site.

One absolute hate about E.L.F: their customer service.
My order was missing 2 items. I called their customer service and I waited for (checking Skype history....) 1:15:06 :\. Even after all that time, still no answer. Terrible. I'd even say Terribad.
I then had to resolve my issue by e-mail, which took them about 4 days to respond to. Luckily, they sent me the missing items within the week. But this experience overall wasn't a very pleasant one.

If you choose to purchase anything over their website, I wish you better results. But i'm sure you will enjoy the products.

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