Thursday, August 27, 2009

True Blood - Watch it, I command you

Not only has creating this blog helped me pass the time (in the last 2 days mind you...)but catching up on a good TV series has too. I couldn't help but stream TRUEBLOOD and see what the whole fuss is about. 

A wise choice it was indeed.

If you're looking for southern chicks getting banged by vampires, this is your flick.

The show is based off a line of books by Charlaine Harris, with each season of the show depicting each book in her series.

The concept is about vampires living among humans as a new race. Most trying to fight for their rights to live among humans and be accepted as regular citizens, while an exceptional few continue to live on as the blood-sucking demons they were created to be.
True Blood is a synthetic blood created by the Japanese to help vampires sustain, rather than feast on the living.

Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin, a.k.a Rogue from X-Men) is the main character of the show, working as a waitress in Louisiana who can read peoples' minds. She comes across a vampire named Bill (played by Stephen Moyer) who ends up being her love affair on this show ( and IRL).

 It's a pretty racy show, lots of blood, vampires banging, gay gangsta drug dealers, more blood, slutty rednecks, more banging, shape-shifters, heavy drinking, ritualistic orgies, shirtless hicks and pecan pie.

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