Monday, September 28, 2009

Chi Volume Booster

I still search for that easy peasy way to achieve perfect hair volume, particularly around the "crown" area. Finding tricks & tips, bit by bit, but nothing's perfect...for me anyways.

I've done Kerastase's Expanseur Extra-Corps, just because I was pleased with the results I had at the hair salon. It only really seems to work effectively when you're getting your hair dried, separately layered from a stylist, as opposed to doing-it-yourself by blow-drying your hair upside down.

Le sigh

I have very thin hair, so I need something with a bigger boost.

I recently made a pressure purchase on Chi's Volume Booster spray. Works pretty well, I did get a nice lion's mane when I lifted my head up after blowdrying. (Sorry if I am not providing pics, it's hard when you look like Mufasa from the Lion King.)

Loves: The volume effect. It really does give you that boost and can stay that way for an entire day.
Hates: The texture. If you put too much, it gives your hair that chalkie, hay-like feeling, which can be very difficult to brush through. Only little is required. Even then, waking up the next day, you'll notice the crunchy feeling and will want to wash your hair immediately.

I have been using it for a few days now, so I haven't given it the proper long-term test, but so far, this is what I'm reporting. 

I'm also trying out Aveda's Abundance Powder... we'll see how that works.

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