Monday, September 21, 2009

Eyeko Cream

I was first introduced to Eyeko's website about a month ago when the name appeared in some tutorial videos. Eyeko's cream was the most recommended out of all products.

I browsed the website for a bit (very well and adorably designed) to see what this UK based company had to offer. Not a lot of products, but some cute things.

Eyeko's cream is very nice. It gives you a light rose or coral  shimmer on your skin. The website describes the cream as a base, highlighter and moisturizer. I don't particularly like it so much as a moisturizer, but works well as a base.  The cream itself almost reminds me of Benefit's High Beam, in color and a bit in effect. Perhaps an imitation?

These are Before (left) and After (right) pics of my hand with the cream. My lighting is a tad yellowish, so the shimmer doesn't appear as rose as it should, but at least you see an effect from the cream. And yes I have a thumb, it's under my palm -_-.

I'm not sure if this is a product that I would repurchase in the future, that will only be determined after using it for a longer period, but I am interested in other of Eyeko's products, such as the Fat Balms.

Along with the cream, I was sent complimentary facial wipes, a Beauty Rehab cream in Rose Salve and a postcard ( I think I entered a promotional code, but I can't remember what O_O!). Made with Shea butter and rose oil, Beauty Rehab is a treatment which helps dry skin. I really enjoy it actually.

For a small company which provides free shipping worldwide and free gifts with your purchase is defintely something to try out. Most of Eyeko's products are usually under $10 anyways.

It's always good to try new things.

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