Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aveda Pure Abundance

This is perhaps the most dissapointing product out of all my recent purchases.

Aveda's Pure abundance is a powder substance that liquefies when applied into your hair, to give it lift, texture and volume.

I haven't seen much difference in volume. It leaves a sticky residue and gives you a straw-like texture to your hair, which I suppose would be one way of giving it lift.

I would honestly only use this for a second-day root lift, but even then, I just don't enjoy the texture and feeling it leaves.

It's a very tiny 20 ml (0.7 oz) bottle that retails for $30 :\. Yikes.
Luckily I cheaped-it-out over eBay and got it for under $14. I will continue to use it, since I did pay money for it, but not something I would repurchase.

I would rather just spray and blow-dry my hair's roots with CHI's Volume booster to get that extra lift.

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