Sunday, October 11, 2009

My soon-to-be new bag - Betsey Johnson Tote

Bag-gasm. Well almost.

I had the intention of getting a Marc Jacobs, but I found this current season, hot piece of ass for about $187 (with Shipping :O!) instead of it's regular retail price ($368 Us, $440 CAD). A LOT less. So I figured I'd save Marc Jacobs for next year's collection. If I'm good, I'll wait  :X.
No promises.

So I'm pumped.
It really pays off hunting for steals like this over the net.

It may not look like much in the pictures, but this tote is made from the softest leather I have ever felt. The studs and overlapping studded whip make kick-ass detailing.

Hope I get it by Friday :D


  1. LOVE the studding details!
    (And love a bit of the Gaston song :))
    Lovely blog - we'll be back!
    Come follow us @ TBAG
    <3 xx

  2. hey thanks for the kind words :)
    Now I got "Be our Guest" stuck in my head haha
    take care xox