Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

This is one of many little spoils I got at Sephora in NY.

I have been using Laura Mercier's quarter-sized pot creme concealer for a while and it's been doing fairly well.
After reading a review on this particular brand, I had to give their concealer a try. Although I was irritated that a 6 ml (0.2 oz) tube ended up being $24, I decided to set aside my cheap-ass half for a day and splurged.

Verdict: Me likey.
You really need a needle-tip amount of this to cover your entire eye area. So quantity vs Use vs Cost makes it worth it.
Being within the range of fair skin tones, I chose mine in Light Golden. Anything below would whiten my skin.

(Left: Before, Right: After) 

Coverage seems decent in the pictures above, but not as well compared to a well lit area. My camera (and bathroom, despite the fact that it is all WHITE) adores making pictures look yellow, even though the camera screen shows me crisp, clear pictures. You don't see a dramatic difference, but for someone like me who will always have eye shadows and bags, you still see a difference. Click to enlarge the picture for a better glimpse.

This is of course the concealer alone without any powder. Setting powder obviously gives a full coverage.

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