Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Sexy Hair vs Fat Hair

Back from a tiresomeeeee and longggg day at work and have the strange urge to talk about shampoos. Makes sense.

Well my last attempt at "volumizing" my hair through shampoos and conditioners was with Fat Hair products. Although I have spent more time testing the products, my thoughts on Fat Hair remain the same: It sucks.

Knowing about Big Sexy Hair's on-going popularity, I decided to give it a try. Got myself a 2L bottle on special for $11 CAD, rather than the regular retail price at $24+.

The shampoo didn't give my hair significant volume, but did give a small lift and more importantly, a change in my hair's texture.

When using volume shampoos, in general, you will notice overtime how your hair's texture will feel different, particularly when blow-drying.
I noticed, for both Big Sexy Hair AND Fat Hair, that while blow-drying, my hair has become more straw-like and difficult to brush through. The volume-enhancing ingredient in these products simply gives your hair a more coarse or straw-like texture, which then gives you the feeling of thicker hair.
Because this becomes so difficult to brush through, you will be ripping out and splitting more hairs.

I did notice a slight, but not significant change in my hair's volume, but it would be wrong to re-purchase this product at the risk of breaking off my hairs. A very unhealthy choice.

Although, If you are someone who doesn't mind breaking off hairs or simply wants to see the results of these types of shampoos for themselves, I would honestly recommend Big Sexy Hair, since I did see few results.

Unless there actually is a miracle, volume-enhancing shampoo (or conditioner) which exists and does not cause hair breakage, I have yet to hear about its existence >.>

Guess it's back to sprays :\

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