Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend Blahhhh: Chocolate and Candles

Working like a mother****** this week (and then next). This may very well be a weekend for some shopping therapy (best weekends ever).
We'll see if my wallet agrees though.

I did get a head start with some cheap shopping :D
Target: The dollar store.

You would really be surprised what you can find at the dollar store (Canadian dollar store > American 99 cent store... fo srs).

Found these little room candles, set of 3 for $1..... I'm more and more pleased what I end up finding at those stores. Don't be fooled by the close-up though, they're only 2" tall :3.

Also thought I would try out wall stickers. I found a huge sheet with 6 birds and 2 birdcages. I skipped the cages since they're a tad overkill.

I have quite the shopping list for home decorating... Anyone wanna give me a ride to ikea >.>?

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