Friday, March 5, 2010

Facial Cleansers

So why do people spend so much money on what's essentially soap in a bottle that washes away impurities from your face?

Cleansers cleanse... That's about it. 
If you have oily skin, your cleasner will wash away the oil. If you have dry skin, the oil-based cleanser you're using (and should be) will help moisten your dry skin's surface and make moisturizer absorption easier. Whatever non-washing properties are advertised on the product (such as added moisturizers or vitamins) are all gimmicks. It's 'soap' that gets washed away by water.... So how would these things even get inside your skin? They don't.

I've had my fair share of cleansers, from Clean & Clear as a teen, to Vichy, Ole Henriksen, Philosophy and even everyone's supposedly favorite: Cetaphil.

All great products, they all do the job, but they do the same job, and they're all priced quite differently. Buying a $30 cleanser which does the same job as a $9 cleanser isn't very economic. Heck, it's just not smart.

It's very hard to narrow down what product is right for you since every company will have at least 10 different types of cleansers, each for a different skin type. Holy shit, I just want to wash my face!

People will determine the type of cleanser consistency they need by the skin type they have. For example, consultants will advise you to reach for a foam consistent cleanser if you have combination/oily skin or a liquid-consistency AND oil-based cleanser for dry skin. Does the cleanser consistency even make a difference in the job or result? Don't know, and I haven't had anyone justify it to me...yet. I personally haven't seen much of a difference, asides that I prefer foams rather than liquids (because it's a personal preference in consistency, but they both did the same job).

Obviously buy what's right for you, but keep in mind that they're all doing the same job: Cleaning your face of impurities. Nothing more. In my opinion, use that extra money and invest in a good and age-appropriate facial moisturizer, that's the facial product that really counts.

And regarding exfoliators... Well, just buy what works. Heck you can even make your own with sugar, honey and olive oil. It's inexpensive, natural and the most effective facial exfoliator.

Don't be fooled by the smart and cutesey packaging, just because a product is nicely presented, doesn't mean it's worth the price (You would be surprised how much more of your money goes into the presentation and packaging, rather than the actual product). DAMN YOU EVIL CORPORATIONS AND YOUR PRETTY BOTTLES!

And on a side note, someone explain to me why Cetaphil made their cleanser look and feel like jizz? It's just not right....


.... Oh please like you haven't thought it either -_-

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