Wednesday, June 23, 2010


These are, in my opinion, the perfect everyday shades.

I personally cannot wear matte colors, I feel they give my lips an enlarged, flat-colored and overly fake look (excluding bright reds... those are intended). Lustre, Frost and Pearl finish lipsticks are absolutely stunning when paired with lip gloss or mixed around among each other. They apply sheer to give a slight shine or sparkle and can also be built up to appear darker (to a certain degree of course). If they are too shimmery, you can easily dim them down with a cream lip gloss and you will have a perfect balance of both.

Here are the girls:

From Left to Right (and Top to Bottom): 
Frost - Fabby by M.A.C
Lustre - Politely Pink by M.A.C
Lustre - Plink! by M.A.C
Pearl - Luminous Pink by Revlon

The Plink! lipstick is a tad more coral in person than it is bright pink in the first photo.

Frost lipsticks by M.A.C are darker and more pigmented than Lustre shades, but no where near as dark and rich as matte lipsticks. They also carry a lot more shimmer and sparkle than other finishes.
Lustre lipsticks are very sheer and give a nice, smooth and moisture-rich look, also with a tad shimmer.
In the Revlon family, Pearl finishes are somewhat a cross between both.

They're all simple and perfect everyday shades and suit just about every shape of lip and shade of skin.

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